19 purrfect Christmas gifts for cats

It can be hard knowing what to buy a cat for Christmas. You don’t just want to go for treats or the odd toy – you want to buy something they’re actually going to use for more than an hour, and something that is going to last.

Don’t worry, if you’re struggling on gift ideas, we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve devised a list of 19 purrfect for your cats.

From big gifts to small gifts to selection boxes and baubles, we’ve thought of pretty much everything.

This cat mad is hand crocheted from 100% merino wool chunky yarn in a natural grey colour. According to Not On The High Street, cats love the ‘wooly smell’ and are naturally attracted to it.

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They’ll also love scratching at this and cuddling up to it for naps.

Does your cat need a new bed? Why don’t you try these bunk bed crates?

The lipped edge on the top plank of the crate makes it easy for your cat to get in and out, and you can add a ladder and foam mattresses to make it extra comfy.

If you don’t think your cat will like bunk beds, why not try this two-tier wicker cat basket? We all know cats love to lay down in small spaces, and this oval basket will allow them to get comfy while hidden away from the world.

These cat treat baubles are a really cute idea. Because what cat doesn’t want their own personalised bauble hanging from the tree filled with treats?

Each shatterproof bauble is filled with cat biscuits and chocolates in festive colours and shapes. You can also add the name of your cat to the ball, and they can be refilled.

But just a warning: Expect your cat to climb the tree with these baubles tempting them.

This catnip mini sushi selection features two mini sushi roll toys, one fish and one fortune cookie all filled with premium Canadian Catnip.

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Expect your cat to enjoy a mad 15 minutes with these toys.

Treat your cat to a cosy, soft blanket with their very own name on it this Christmas.

It’s a cute idea to show your feline you love them – and they can stop stealing your duvet at night.

If you’re stuck on what to get your cat this Christmas but know they absolutely need more than a couple of items, why not go all out with a hamper?

The contents of each box varies, but will contain between 10 and 12 individual toys. Most toys contain only premium Canadian Catnip while some will contain a small amount of wadding to help with the shape.

All toys are made from cotton, wool or felt.

While your cat most likely won’t be joining you at the table for Christmas dinner, you could still help them to feel included with their very own cracker.

The crackers are handmade using gold or red paper, and are finished with a velvet ribbon.

Each cracker is personalised with your pet’s name, and features a rattling mouse toy to go inside.

While cat bowls aren’t the most extravagant of gifts, this bowl comes with your cat’s name on it, and we think it’s a lovely little addition to the stocking (yes, your cat absolutely needs a stocking).

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This is also a nice gift for the stocking. It’s cheep, cheerful and will keep your cat entertained for at least 10 minutes, before they get bored and never want to look at the toy again. Because, let’s face it, that’s what cats do.

Share a drink with your pet this Christmas with this Champaws gift set.

Brought to you from the creators of ‘Pawsecco’ , Champaws is a ‘decadent, non-alcoholic, herbal infusion that offers loved pets both substance and style’.

It also comes with a keyring for you to put a favourite picture of you and your pet inside. How cute!

This scratching tunnel features a plush cover cat scratcher, with two hiding caves with sisal scratching surfaces.

The caves are linked with a soft tunnel for your cats to sleep in, but they can also play as it has three entrances and exists and comes with two toys on a string.

Cats love to cuddle up near the radiator for extra warmth. So why not treat them to a cat bed that you can hang on the radiator to keep them cosy?

All you need to do is hook the bed over your radiator, and it’s the perfect resting spot.


Another stocking filler idea – a laser pen cat toy. Everyone knows cats go crazy for lasers, and this one projects four different festive designs for your cat to chase.

Treat your cat to this snowman treat dispenser, which will provide your cat with hours of fun and reward, as they bat and push the ball around to get the treats the snowman dispenses as it moves.

Another hamper, but this time a little cheaper.

This bargan cat hamper includes treats, a bowl, three mini tennis balls, a mug, a jazzle sparkler, a catnip mouse and a woollen cat play ball. Your cat will love it!

Get your cat into the festive spirit with this Santa cat toy. Your cat will have loads of fun chasing biting, kicking and chasing this toy. We don’t expect it to remain intact for long!

Cats like selection boxes too!

This selection box features natural ingredients, with absolutely nothing artificial hiddin inside.

The box includes tuna puree, salmon mousse, tuna filled and tuna with anchovies. A Christmas dinner fit for a (cat) king.

Surprise your cat with this surprise box – which you won’t know what it contains until you open it!

This cat box features seven gifts from the Pets at Home cat range.


Each product is specially selected from their range of treats and toys, so expect lots of fun.

Oh, and according to the store, these boxes save you at least 30% when compared to buying the same products separately at standard retail price, meaning your parcel is worth at least £22.




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