AFL-CIO‘s Trumka: Labor Won‘t Back ‘Unenforceable‘ USMCA Deal

Unions “won’t have any choice” but to block the “unenforceable” trading deal between the United States and Mexico and Canada, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Sunday.

In an interview on the powerful labor leader declared USMCA, which would replace NAFTA, “isn’t enforceable.”

“We won't have any choice because it's unenforceable and an unenforceable trade agreement is a windfall for corporations and a disaster for workers,” he said.

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“If they can't enforce their laws, it doesn't work. This agreement allows either party to stop the appointment of an arbitrator. So you and I have a dispute, we can't come to an agreement, we need an arbitrator, either party can stop that from happening under this agreement. 

“And the third thing is, dispute resolution is taking eight to 10 years. This is not going to be speeded up and in the meantime, the product that's produced in violation of the agreement continues to come into the country. We think it ought to be stopped at the border.”

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