Boy With Disabilities Bullied After Mom Shares Photo Online

A Chicago-area family is turning some negativity online into an opportunity to raise awareness about disabilities.

Ten-year-old James Fulkerson is different, but his family says that’s what makes him special and he doesn’t let his disabilities stand in the way.

He was born with a blood clot disorder, a chromosome disorder, quad cerebral palsy, and has extreme epilepsy; but he’s busy in his Elk Grove Village classroom, working closely every day with his nurse Amanda Russell.

Russell calls him the most popular kid in school, and she says she was shocked when a photo his mom shared online, received backlash—cruel comments and even turned into a meme. 

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“They just got meaner and meaner,” James’ mother, Stacy Fulkerson said. “Recently someone told me I should have aborted him…how can you say that to someone you don’t know? or anyone for that matter?”

 “If these people met James they never would have said that,” Russell said. “You can’t know him and not love him. He has this effect on people.”

Though instead of dwelling on the negative, his family is focusing on spreading awareness and encouraging people to introduce themselves with a ‘hello,’ instead of stare.

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