€1.5m sliced off the asking price for Déise castle with 135ac working farm

Rocketts Castle, on 250ac at Portlaw in Waterford, has been on the market for some time and is now being quoted by Savills at a reduced price of €3.25m, down from €4.75m.

The property includes a lavishly renovated mansion, a five-bedroom fishing lodge, a garden cottage, a walled garden, a stable yard with a polo field, a hunter trial course, a 13th century castle and a working farm with 135ac in tillage, 36ac in pasture and 59ac in woodlands.

Rockett‘s Castle began life as a Norman settlement built by the Rockett or La Rochelle family. During the rule of Charles I, it fell to the Earl of Ormond and under Cromwell, it was granted Sir Algernon May who renamed it Mayfield.

In 1787, it was acquired by the Medlycott family, who remained there until the 20th century. In 1861, Galway architect Samuel Roberts designed the house that still stands beside the ruins of Rockett‘s Castle.

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In 1997, a wealthy post-Soviet Russian oligarch, Valery Zakharenkov, bought the place and kept it for eight years, spending a fortune renovating the entire estate.

The spending of €700,000 on the Waterford Glass chandeliers gives an indication as to what was done.

The house and ancillary houses were completely insulated, modernised and refurbished. The wildlife of the estate was restocked to include partridge, duck and pheasant, while a lake, fed from the River Suir that bounds the eastern side of the estate, was dug out and stocked with trout.

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