‘Greatest trick play in NFL history‘: Miami Dolphins bamboozle Philadelphia Eagles with incredible trick touchdown (VIDEO)

‘Greatest trick play in NFL history‘: Miami Dolphins bamboozle Philadelphia Eagles with incredible trick touchdown (VIDEO) The Miami Dolphins haven‘t had it all their own way this season but Brian Flores‘ team will certainly remember their overtime win against the Eagles on Sunday for a particularly crafty touchdown they scored in the first half.

Down 13-7 as game approached its midway point, the Dolphins found themselves in a fourth and goal position on the 1-yard line and instead of relying on their running game to crash the ball into the end zone they lined up in a bizarre split formation with their punter Matt Haack lining up in the quarterback position behind center Daniel Kilgore. 

Five players, including kicker Jason Sanders, were lined up out left and a further four on the right. After the snap, the Dolphins phased to the left but the Eagles defense failed to pick-up Sanders who had essentially lined up in the slot receiver position.

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Haack‘s initial movement suggested he was going to look for a screen pass to the left, but instead threw a no-look shovel pass to the open Sanders for a touchdown.

Sanders then completed the extra point, meaning that he scored all seven points on the play – a stat which is a rarity in the modern game. NFL historians also suggest that it is the first time in NFL history that a punter has thrown a pass to a kicker for a touchdown.

The fact that the trick play was used against the Philadelphia Eagles – who are known for popularizing the ‘Philly Special‘ move – will also be a source of pride for Flores and the rest of the Miami coaching staff, particularly given the struggles the team has endured throughout the season. 

When all was said and done, the score proved to be a vital one as the Dolphins emerged with a 37-31 win in overtime to claim what was just their third win of the season.

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