Mum charged with murder in shocking case of double-killing


A mother in the US has been charged with murdering her two young children in a case that has left locals shocked.

Pennsylvania woman Lisa Snyder called emergency services on September 23 after claiming she found her 8-year-old son Connor and his 4-year-old sister Brinley dead in the basement of their home.

In a call to authorities, the mother suggested her son was suicidal due to bullying at school and claimed he “took Brinley with him because he didn‘t want to go alone”, court documents say.


Detectives found it strange Snyder would claim her 8-year-old son was suicidal, later discovering she had searched on the internet how to die from strangulation, carbon monoxide poisoning and watched shows about how to get away with murder.

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The children were found in such a disturbing position the Herald has chosen not to reveal the method of their death.

“This was a horrific, tragic incident” District Attorney John Adams told local media during a press conference.

“A mother… would make every effort to save them – That was not done in this situation.”

Lisa Snyder was arrested and charged with the murder of her two children, Conner and Brinley. Photo / Berks County Jail

School authorities, classmates and family members denied Snyder‘s claims her son was bullied at school or suicidal.

Court documents also reveal the item used to kill her children was purchased the morning of their deaths.

Snyder was also charged with animal cruelty after allegedly performing sex acts on an animal.

The 36-year-old was refused bail and is due to appear before the judge again at a later date.


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