| Alleged gang boss to stand trial with former cops in guns-to-gangs case – report

Alleged 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield is expected to be tried in March with his partner, sister, three former police officers and others as part of a national guns-to-gangs investigation, according to a report on Wednesday.

Stanfield, his partner Nicole Johnson and his sister Francisca Stanfield had applied to have firearms returned to them after the weapons were seized from them and they were arrested a few years ago. The police minister succeeded in an appeal lodged in the Supreme Court of Appeal this week in connection with the guns that were seized from them, reported.


It reported that the three had also lost an application in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to have their prosecution suspended and to have a decision that they should be tried in Khayelitsha scrapped.

Their arrests form part of a massive national investigation centred on firearms, which were meant to be kept or destroyed by police. Instead, they ended up in the hands of gangsters in the province. It also involved firearm licences.

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News24 previously reported that Stanfield, Johnson and Francisca were arrested in Cape Town in June 2014 and, at roughly the same time, the Central Firearm Registry was raided.

In the charge sheet it is alleged that between May and June 2014, the three ex-police officers accused in the case – Billy April, Priscilla Manganye and Mary-Gail Cartwright – had been involved in the destroying, or the ensuring of the disappearance, of documents of Stanfield and his associates. The documents relate to competency and applications received at the Central Firearm Registry in Pretoria.

Eighteen associates were also arrested and are expected to appear alongside them in the dock to face allegations relating to more than 100 offences.

The charges are corruption, fraud, the unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition, and charges under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.

– Compiled by Jenna Etheridge

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