Newt Gingrich‘s dire, dead-on warning for Trump supporters

By – The Washington Times – Monday, December 2, 2019

, former speaker of the House, wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News that ’s supporters better watch out and pay attention because the forces working to bring this president down are hardly finished with their efforts — despite the fact genuine impeachable offenses are nowhere to be found.

Take a memo: Gingrich is absolutely correct.

Before was even inaugurated, the impeach, impeach, impeach crowd was winding into high gear. That should be the be-all and end-all of clues that the left has nothing against this president, except a deep hatred of his America First principles, and that they’re simply digging up dirt that could bury him.

After all, if truth and justice and concern for the American people were in their minds, wouldn’t they at least have waited until this president had committed an impeachable offense — before calling for his impeachment?


As : “Democrats … have been determined to find something — anything — they can use to attack him. … [And] it’s not only the elected Democrats. Much of the intelligence community has been equally determined to ‘uncover’ something on President from the beginning.”

It’s a shame America now has to regard our intelligence community — our intelligence community! — with such suspicious eyes.

But then again: It’s a blessing that America, due to , has been gifted the truth about our intelligence community.

Put them in the same basket of deceivers as the media, right?

“Many in the media are implicitly biased against President — but even those who are not are helping the Democrats by giving their message airtime, print real estate and attention,” Gingrich . “As this plot against has continued, the American system has been bypassed, ignored or misused to the point where it has been put in jeopardy. Democrats, political operatives, American intelligence officials and the media have been forcing a manufactured narrative on the American people.”

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And then came his warning.

Intelligence officials, said, will stop at nothing to unseat this president.

“[A] group of these intelligence are breaking the law by leaking secrets to the media,” he . “We have seen this pattern with the so-called Trump Towers in Moscow scandal, the Robert Mueller investigation and now the Pelosi-Adam Schiff impeachment effort. Make no mistake: This is not politics as usual.”

It’s the far-left’s strategy for destruction.

It’s the coup of the Democrats.

“It’s a concerted effort by one political party, the Washington bureaucracy, and the media to overrule the American people,” wrote.

And with no Democratic candidate with the ability to beat in sight, the American people should only expect an escalation of the fight.

It’s not just that the left has set in its collective sights.

It’s the whole American system; the entire American way of life. It’s the Constitution, our freedoms and the entire concept of limited government and God-given, not government-granted, individual rights.

And the reason the battle has become so vicious is because those on the left, thanks to , have been yanked from their dark corners, thrown into the spotlight and forced into defensive mode. They’re used to working in the shadows, and their shadows have been taken away.

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