Outrage as husky locked in car on 35 degree day

Outraged animal lovers have shared images of a dog owner‘s car, after the owner reportedly left their dog in the hot vehicle while they went for a walk on the beach.

A concerned local said he desperately poured more than two litres of water through the window of the car to try and help the dog, a big husky, which was in the car for more than thirty minutes as he helped it.

“Great idea to lock your dog in your husky in a car let alone on a 35 degree day in Yallingup,” the man wrote.

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He said it was able to give the dog a significant amount of water through a small gap in the window, reported.


The man claimed he found the dog owner later walking on the beach.

Photo / Facebook

The RSPCA urges people who find dogs trapped in hot cars to call Triple Zero (000).

According to the RSPCA, tests have shown that on hot days, even cars cooled with air conditioning can double in temperature in minutes, going from 20 degrees to more than 40 degrees.

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