Royal Travel Director wanted for Her Majesty the Queen

One needs a royal travel director.

This might be one for the attention of fans of The Crown: the royal family are advertising for a Travel Director.

The Windsors are notorious travellers. This year William and Kate toured Pakistan. Harry and Meghan dropped in on multiple African nations and even found time to launch a charitable foundation for sustainable tourism.

Every year the Queen herself attends more ribbon cuttings and royal engagements than you can shake a union flag at.

Advertisement Sort state visits and arrange royal tours: Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit the Te Papaiouru Marae. NZME Photo / Ben Fraser, NZ Herald

It seems no wonder that a vacancy for “Director of Royal Travel” has appeared on the Royal Household‘s employment website.

The position is looking for someone to oversee travel arrangements for members of the royal family and their households while they carry out official duties around the world.

Court moves, state visits, even the odd holiday will all be the remit of the “Royal Director of Travel”.

The successful applicant will be responsible for more than booking the odd hotel room or airplane seat. You will have to charter travel for members of the royal households and staff, ensure security measures are in place, and circumnavigate the odd political furore.

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Your every move – as well as HRH‘s – will be under scrutiny by the royal press.

Duties include looking after the Queen‘s Helicopter Flight at its base at RAF Odiham and arranging passage for the Royal Train around the British Isles, this will not be your average travel job.

You will have to balance royal safety and environmental impact: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Bhutan. Photo / Getty Images

“Experience of operations and financial management of travel and logistics in an environment where safety and high standards are of paramount importance,” reads the advertisement.

It will be a difficult balancing act.


The Windsors are looking for someone who will take into consideration both royal security and the environmental impact of the royals‘ movements.

Looking after the Royal Train and the Queens‘s Helicopter Flight, this will not be your average travel job. Photo / Rebecca Naden, Getty Images

However for the right candidate this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

With a salary of up to £85,000 – about $170,000 – and an office at Buckingham palace, this could be your chance to see exactly what goes on behind the velvet curtain.

Like all good Travel Directors you‘ll be expected to move quickly. .

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