Starr: ‘Scandalous‘ to Have Hearings While Trump in Europe

It is "outrageous" and "scandalous" that House Democrats are moving ahead with their impeachment push while President Donald Trump is in London for this week's NATO summit, former independent counsel Ken Starr said Tuesday. 

"It is, I think, outrageous, a great disservice to our country," Starr said on "We have continuances and trials all the bloody time. So, why would you do this?"

Further, he said, "it's scandalous that this process of impeachment is proceeding in a public way this week," adding that while earlier on the show, GOP strategist said the action was like putting a "stick in the eye of the president," what's really happening is that Democrats are putting a "stick in the eye of the United States of America."

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Four academic witnesses, will testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the impeachment process, but at the same time, each one has "taken a public position on the impeachment of this president," said Starr.

"What we're not going to have tomorrow is dispassionate constitutional analysis; that would be helpful to the process, helpful to the country," he continued. "Instead, we're going to have very politically engaged academics three to one. Three in favor of impeachment and one not in favor. And, I think that's not good."

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